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Community REsources

The Word of God teaches us that Jesus was a miraculous healer.  Not only did He heal on a spiritual level, but also on a physical basis.  Jesus knew that in order to save mankind; he would have to appeal to their physical humanity first.  That's why, oftentimes, his healing power began with a physical act of grace.


One of the many ways that we encourage our Christian community to become stronger in their faith is not only to pray for healing but also to make healthy choices and involve ourselves in activities that will lead to a life of healing.  We understand that in order for us to improve our spiritual health as Christians, we must first maintain a balanced lifestyle of mental, emotional and physical health.  Below are some of the resources that we have used over the years to assist our community in maintaining our overall spiritual well-being.


Alzheimer's Association

Bay Area Rescue Mission

Brighter Beginnings

Community Violence Solutions

Contra Costa Child Care Council

Contra Costa Crisis Center

Counseling Options and Parent Education (COPE)

Courageous Women Association

Family Justice Center

Food Bank of Contra Costa/Solano

Fresh Approach

Green Energy Training (Rising Sun)

Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP)

Health Collaborative

Lifelong Medical

The Stride Center


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